Falling in Love with Phoenix

{K} and I had been dating for a few months and one night he said to me, "I'm falling in love with you, but I'm not in love with you."  Charming.  

Anyway, that is how I feel about Phoenix.  I live in the fifth largest city in the country and all I ever wanted was a little character and charm.  Obviously my pleas have been heard.  Here is my eclectic list of places to check out in 2011...all right here in Phoenix. 

Get your buzz on at this coffee shop, or this one {I LOVE COFFEE}, or here {see previous note}.
Buy a gift at this lovely little gift shop.
Craving sweets? Check out this {AH-DORABLE} candy store. And you can host your child's birthday party right there. In the store.  How great is that?
Hosting a quaint dinner party? Shop this market for the vittles.

And the best part?  They're all local!